SunnyOp aims to enhance pre-surgical care by employing design thinking and technology, fostering an efficient and effective approach to patient care. This project unites healthcare professionals, designers, and patients to create an integrated digital design solution. The goal is to standardize care, enhance education, and streamline workflows in a comprehensive and contextualized manner.

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Integrate existing understanding of
pre-surgical care.

Interviews and literature will be used to derive a work domain analysis, ecosystem map, and user journey of existing practices.

This will inform journey maps of key stakeholders and identify significant areas of improvement.


Explore design solutions based on workshops and ideation.

SunnyOp will examine integrated system interventions and targeted solutions to address areas of opportunity.

Based on participant engagement and ideation, solutions involving devices and processes will be proposed.


Evaluate and communicate obtained knowledge.

Develop a guide on how to innovate the healthcare sector and leverage technology to address identified pain points.

The goal is to showcase and demonstrate potential developments that could help elevate the human experience.

Design Process

Phase 1

Integrate existing understanding of pre-surgical care.

SunnyOp Timeline Phase One

Phase 2

Explore design solutions based on workshops and ideation.

SunnyOp Timeline Phase Two
Ecosystem Mapping
Phase 1: Ecosystem Mapping​
Interactive Journey Map

Phase 3

Evaluate and communicate obtained knowledge.

SunnyOp Timeline Phase Three

Our Team

Sunnybrook Health Science Center

Dr. Angela Jerath
Staff Anesthesiologist & Associate Professor at the University of Toronto
Dr. Angela Jerath provides her expertise in preoperative assessments, facilitates access to participants through SHSC, and assists in community outreach activities and recruitment for design charrettes.
Dr. Kennedy (Ning) Hao
Anesthesiology Resident
Kennedy Hao, an anesthesia trainee, provides insights into the early stage of the scoping review of various preoperative environments.
Oliver Tsai
Director of Information Technology, SHSC
Oliver ensures the interoperability of the proposed system with SHSC's existing legacy systems and protocols.
Richard Mraz
Project Director, SHSC
Richard Mraz supports the interoperability of the proposed prototype with SHSC's existing legacy systems (e.g., Sunnycare, MyChart) and interface protocols (e.g., HL7, FHIR).

George Brown College


Dr. Ana Rita Morais
Chair for the School of Design
Dr. Ana Rita Morais brings her experience as an educator and researcher, along with the ability to build and maintain working relationships with various design professionals, community agencies, and education partners.
Dr. Nastaran Dadashi
Faculty and Research Coordinator
Dr. Nastaran Dadashi oversees the REB application, assists with data collection, leads user consultations, designs protocols, and trains student researchers. She also provides her expertise in effective design concepts in the initial stages of the project to ensure a user-friendly design.
Christopher Pandolfi
Faculty and Associate Researcher
Christopher Pandolfi leads the UX/UI design section of the project, handling design development, building the prototype, and structuring data flows.
Marko Cigljarev
Project Manager
Marko Cigljarev, a recent graduate of George Brown’s postgraduate program in Interactive Media Management, contributes to conducting workshops, data analysis, and solutions design. Currently, he has stepped up into the role of project manager, leading the design team.
Yefri Ventura
Student Researcher
Yefri Ventura, a third-year Interaction Design student, plays a key role in the SunnyOp project. He transforms the research process by applying design principles, leading to the development of interactive journey maps, surveys, and research strategies. These contributions provide valuable insights for advancing the healthcare technologies space.
Karlo Matt Rian Ong
Student Researcher
Karlo Ong is in his final year of George Brown College’s Interaction Design program, his second degree in the field of design. He assists in data organization, analysis, and visual design. Prior to this, Karlo worked as in-house brand designer.


Xavier Massé
Faculty and Program Coordinator
Xavier Massé ensured that the strategic vision aligned with the partner SHSC’s objectives and helped facilitate the agile and iterative design process from research to prototyping.
Eva Aboagye
Dr. Eva Aboagye oversaw the project plan, tracked progress, processed expenses, collected project metrics, and undertook payroll and reporting duties. She also assisted with the hiring of student researchers and other personnel and served as the liaison between GBC and NSERC.
Aleksandra Kmieciak
Project Manager
Aleksandra Kmieciak was a graduating student from the Honours Bachelor of Digital Experience Design program at George Brown College. She assisted with design charrettes and synthesized meeting insights into interactive journey maps.
Sabrina Curutan
Project Manager
Sabrina Curutan was an Interaction Design Student at George Brown College. With a previous background in healthcare, she focused on ecosystem mapping and data exchange for the SunnyOp project.
Eirene Keh
Project Manager
Eirene Keh was an interdisciplinary design strategist with a background in healthcare. She assisted with the REB application and conducted a variety of design research methods to complete a work domain analysis of Sunnybrook’s pre-surgical system.
Leah Zhou
Student Researcher
Leah Zhou was a third-year Interaction Design student at George Brown College. She focused on branding, website design and building, and explored system interfaces.
Julian Mutis Vera
Student Researcher
Julian Vera was a third-year Interaction Design student at George Brown College. He focused on elaborating Personas, Journey Maps, and User Scenarios.

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This research study has been reviewed and approved by the George Brown Research Ethics Board (#6004730) & Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Research Ethics Board (#3672) and is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) College and Community Social Innovation Fund (CCSIF).

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